Submission of Nomination

Nominations must be submitted using the online Nominating Process. Click on a category that you are interested in, there you will find a link to the Online Nominating Process. Please send additional documents to

  • Brief description of your organization [limit 100 words]
  • Provide details of the size of your organization (number of staff, annual revenue, etc) as of the time of entry
  • First Name
    Last Name
    Company name
    Position In company
    Company address
    Company email address
    Business type
    Company phone number
    Company Website
  • Mention at least ONE outstanding thing that sets your organization apart from its competitors within the industry [limit 100 words]?
  • Mention and explain THREE ways your company has supported the industry or the community during January – December, 2023 [limit 150 words]?
  • List at most FIVE REASONS (January – December, 2023) why you or your company deserve this particular award. [limit 200 words]
  • Attach Photo of the individual or Logo of the Company
  • You may attach the following supporting documents to your entry:
  • Photo of an individual or Logo of the Company
  • Clients Testimonials
  • News / media features and editorial
  • Product / project specific corporate collateral
  • Web links and links to videos and other information are acceptable as part of an entry. When attaching your supporting documentation, please consider the length and relevance to the chosen category criteria. There should be not more than 10 pages of supporting documentation. .