The GPA 2017 Business forum

The business forum focuses on the theme “Reengineering the Ghanaian Pharmaceutical Landscape for the future”. A feedback session(Bridging the gap between Academia and Industry).

Key stakeholders are the School of Pharmacy University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Central University College, The Ghana Chamber of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana, Pharmacy Council, Food and Drugs Authority and Ghana Standards Authority.


1. Creation of a compelling content and networking platform that will serve as an actively engaged community sounding board for all stakeholders to generate productive ideas, activities, and alliances

2. Publication of a summary document by the Program Committee outlining issues and mapping out a way forward that may include the creation of working groups to be charged to develop relevant standards, specifications, profiles, and/or best practices

The Pharma Exhibition & Tourism

This is the biggest platform within the Pharma industry for over 30 companies to showcase their products and services to over 2000 patrons within the country.

In order to provide exhibitors with utmost exposure, exhibits will be located where conference activities will take place. Participants will have the opportunity to pass by exhibits on their way to plenary speeches, breakout sessions, lunch, and coffee break, providing ample time for exhibitors to interact with them.


1. To showcase current innovative and product and services available within the industry for Stakeholders.

2. To provide the appropriate networking platform for both local and International Players within the pharmaceutical industry and Academia.

3. To provide an opportunity for shareholders ( Pharmaceutical Companies and citizens) to interact with regulators ( Food and Drugs Authority and Ghana Standards Authority) and get accustomed to the pharmaceutical standards.

Exhibition Registration